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MX Tinybrowser+TinyMCE is discontinue. The next version is MX Universal Editor MX Tinybrowser+TinyMCE is an FieldFrame field type. TinyBrowser(homepage) is a file browser featuring an easy to use multiple file upload facility and file edit functions. First of all this file browser was created as plugin for TinyMCE, but after that authors added an option to create a "stand alone" version. MX Tinybrowser helps to integrate TinyBrowser in the ExpressionEngine interface with flexible setup. In addition its helps to integrate TinyMCE into the publish page, so you don't need any additional extension for integrated WYSIWYG editors.


  • EE1 - PHP 5+, ExpressionEngine 1.6.5+, FF 1.2.0+, jQuery for the Control Panel.


MX Tinybrowser contains a language file and extension folder for a FieldFrame directory. To install the new field type follow the simple instructions below:
  • Download the MX Tinybrowser archive and extract the files.
  • Copy ft.mx_tinybrowser_field.php to /system/language/english/ and fieldtypes/mx_tinybrowser_field to /system/extensions/fieldtypes/
  • [optional] Upload TinyMCE to your site
  • Enable MX Tinybrowser in the Fieldtypes Manager

Change Log


  • 0.1.4a - 09/09/2009:
      • bugfix: matrix new row
  • 0.1.4 - 09/09/2009:
      • bugfix: editor disappear after Quick Save
      • bugfix: matrix with a couple MX tinybrowser columns
      • bugfix: upload bank screen(QuickBar issue)
      • bugfix: upload URL in TinyMCE field
      • add - XSS/XSRF protection for TinyBrowser
      • add - new Global parameters - FileSize
      • add - new tag; field_name:isempty
  • 0.1.3 - 08/23/2009:
      • Fixed thumbs viewing
      • Add TinyMCE Matrix support
  • 0.1 - 08/18/2009:
      • Fixed unsaved input that share the same config-file
      • Fixed unsaved setting for cells
      • Added Root folder settings.
      • Added Subfolders settings
      • Added TinyBrowser type settings for field
      • Added Quick-input list for TinyBrowser upload tab
      • Added LG Addon Updater support
  • 0.009f - 08/06/2009:
    Bug fix: file not exist issue
  • 0.009e - 08/04/2009:
    Initial release


MX TinyBrowser + TinyMCE

Version: 0.1.4a
Released: 09/09/2009

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