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Locator is an application that adds new opportunities of searching locations in a set radius from the start point. You can make your Store Locator, Places of interest Locator in the region, etc.


  • EE1 - PHP 4+ with allow_url_fopen directive, ExpressionEngine 1.6.5+, SL Google Map ext.


To install the new field type please follow the simple instructions below:
  • Download the Locator for SL Google Map archive and extract the files.
  • EE1: Copy pi.mx_locator.php to /system/plugins/

You need also add a couple additional lines to your SL Google Map or download version with modifications from my examples (it's only .php, your still need to download package from
Line 30

	var $postpone_saves = TRUE;
line 51
 if ($from !== FALSE && $from < '1.1.0')  => 	  if ($from !== FALSE && $from < '1.5.0')
line 65

		$sql[] = "ALTER TABLE exp_weblog_data ADD COLUMN sl_latitude varchar(100) NOT NULL";
		$sql[] = "ALTER TABLE exp_weblog_data ADD COLUMN sl_longitude varchar(100) NOT NULL";
		foreach ($sql as $sql_r) {
line 295

    if  ($entry_id)

			// update/insert module version in DB	
			$sql = "UPDATE exp_weblog_data 
					SET sl_latitude = '$map_data[0]', sl_longitude = '$map_data[1]'  
					WHERE entry_id = '$entry_id'";



For result ({exp:mx_locator:search}) locator used weblog class, so you can used all Weblog tags.


Searching result

{exp:mx_locator:search  weblogs="article" reverse_geocoding= "true" adress="" log="" lat="" unit = "" api_key="" radius = "500" prec="2"}
<p>{title}  - {distance}</p>

Form for searching

{exp:mx_locator:form  log="" lat="" unit = "" result_page = "/index.php/home/map" }
<input name="address" type="text" value="">
<span class="BodyMBold">Select all stores within</span>
<select name="radius"><option value="100">100</option>
<option value="50" selected="selected">50</option>
<option value="30">30</option>
<option value="25">25</option>
<option value="20">20</option>
<option value="15">15</option>
<option value="10">10</option></select>
<input type="submit" value="Submit" />

Example 2

Based on Google Maps AJAX + MySQL/PHP Example. download example

SL Google Map

it's only .php, your still need to download package from download example

Change Log


  • 0.5.0 - 02/28/2010:
    Initial release


  • discontinue

Locator for SL Google Map

Download Locator for SL Google Map  0.5.0

Version: 0.5.0
Released: 02/28/2010

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